Zoodles meet India

IMG_8983Do you sometimes come home from a very unexpected long and busy day and there happen to be no leftovers, because you ate it?! You’re hungry and it’s very likely you’re going to eat that chocolate bar instead of a good meal. You can also get take away of course, but to keep it healthy, fast and cheap, I have a tip so you can still have a lovely nutritional meal. Thank me later! The best thing is that you can freeze these Glorious soups (how glorious is that?), so you always have something to grap. Though it’ll take a bit longer to warm it up of course. The fastest way is to get the soup and a courgette on your way home. Also a nice thing about this Glorious soup is that there is no sugar or other crap in it. Only goodness!

Beacuase it’s not a real recipe, I call it a cheat recipe. Let me know if you would like to see a few more of these.


IMG_8985Serves 2

1 Mumbai and Chickpeas soup from ‘Glorious’
1 big Courgette
extra chickpeas (optional)

-Use a spiralizer to make zoodles of the courgette. (or when you want it even easier, you can buy it spiralized in the supermarket)
-Warm the soup with the extra chickpeas. Do not let it boil.
-Serve together.

What did you think of this tip? Are you going to try this? Please let me know or show me using #PlanetManel on Instagram. Thank you! X


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