Campbell’s Canal Cafe

13441730_1168776806499754_1953855553_oThis amazing cafe I discovered by accident and Oh my! am I glad that I did! I was on my way to ‘Cookies and Scream’ and whilst I was walking there, looking around for a sign, just before I wanted to cross the bridge I saw this wooden cafe named ‘Campbell’s Canal Cafe’. In a flash before I saw the word ‘vegan’ I almost assumed it was anyway. It just looks so natural and nice. When I actually saw that it was vegan my heart jumped and I almost wanted to as well, even though I was in the middle of the street. It’s not every day you by accident walk past a vegan cafe. Without actually thinking I crossed the road. I looked at the menu and I instantly decided it was time for dinner when I saw there was a green lasagna.

Before you can sit down you have to order. So I ordered the green lasagna and a berry smoothie. Yum! The smoothies were pre made (freshly made though) and you could grab these yourself. I chose a lovely seat next to the open windows on the water side. It was 13405190_1168776826499752_495411868_olovely, even though there was a lot of building work going on across the canal. There was a couple sitting next to me who ordered the black bean burger with chips and also the lasagna. When I saw this passing by I got very excited for my one to arrive, because it looked so good! The burger and chips looked amazing too btw and as a huge burger lover, I already know what I’ll order the next time I go here. I didn’t have to wait long before there was a damping lasagna in front of me too. The smell, the way it looked.. coming with a side salad, it was define. Just like the taste! I can honestly say I never had such a good lasagna in my life, including the ones I had when I was still eating cheese and meat. You could just taste it was prepared with love and care. I can’t describe the taste in any other way. The smoothie was really nice as well and I really enjoyed tasting the fresh berries.

Their whole menu is amazing btw. Just to name a few things: Raw green gazpacho, Home-made potato gnocchi, To-fish and chips and they also have sharing platters (for 2 or 4 people) with sushi and an actual cheese board. They have several side dishes and you can choose from 2 desserts. Next to all this they have a very nice selection of smoothies, juices and other drinks. Also a lot of dishes are gluten and nut free which is great for the ones who suffer from allergies.
13405204_1168776819833086_1334692809_oAs I didn’t do any homework on this cafe I started to learn about this cafe whilst sitting there. It turns out it’s not only a vegan cafe, but also a music venue. How cool is that! They have open mic nights and lots of live music, several nights a week. The place just felt so alive and full of good energy, I loved being there. The staff was very friendly and helpful as I must have looked a little lost after such an exciting discovery.

The only thing I can say what was a little less good, was that I’m quite sure there still was a lot of sand in my side salad. But I told myself it must be so organic, that it came straight from the land. I do hope of course that this was just bad luck and the next time I can chew without ‘crispy bits’.
They’re located in Camden Town, just before the canal if you come from the tube station. They’re open every day from 10:00 and on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays they close at 10:00 too. On Thursdays and Sundays they close a l little later at 10:30. All the nice music evenings must happen on Fridays and Saturdays as they’re open until 1:00 in the night.

Are you just as excited reading this as I was discovering it? You should definitely visit! Please let me know if you did, by using #PlanetManel on Instagram or by leaving a comment below. Thank you! X


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