Scrub and Shine

13535638_1178672852176816_97452737_nFor many many years I use a natural scrub. It actually started because I found good scrubs very expensive. Also I didn’t want to use a lot, so it’ll last longer, which ended up not using enough to have the best result. I thought of sugar and salt, but the problem is that they melt. So I decided to try it with ground coffee. And it was perfect. I used it together with some body oil under the shower and I could scrub away. You can use coffee you already used(after drinking the coffee from it), but as I don’t drink coffee myself I just buy ground coffee and use that.

13461312_1169448319765936_975829400_oNowadays I use it in combination with LUSH ‘Olive Branch’. I use it for my whole body, but also for my face. For my face I’m a lot more gentle though, because ground coffee can be quite rough. The best part is rinsing it off and feel your skin being smooth and nice. I do use ‘Olive Branch’ again, just to get the coffee smell off me, haha! And I use a nice lotion (Ro’s Argan from LUSH) afterwards to hydrate my skin and make it feel extra soft. This scrub method is great in combination with shaving. After shaving your skin can be very sensitive and have some red spots or/and you have the chance of ingrown hairs. By scrubbing your skin first you make sure the dead skin cells are removed, the hairs are up right and the blades can smoothly move over your skin to give you the best result.

For my face I like to use a facemask to hydrate and feed it. You could buy a face mask, but I really like to make my own. This way it’s super fresh and your skin gets fed straight from nature. One of my favourite is with avocado:


1/4 avocado (smashed)
1 tbsp oat flour
1 tsp coconut oil

-Mix everything together.
-Use a little bit of boiling water to make it a bit more runny, if necessary.
-Leave it in you face for 20 min before rinsing with lukewarm water.

It leaves your skin, hydrated, super soft and gives you a healthy glow. You just have to try not to eat your mask.. Good luck!

So I dare you to try it too! When you do, please let me know your experience or show me by using #PlanetManel on Instagram. Thank you! X


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