Graze boxes

13446076_1170204249690343_2129040016_oI do know the Graze boxes for a few years now and even subscribed to them for over a year. I got a box send to me every 2 weeks. And I must say, that was very exciting. It’s almost like you get a present twice a month! It had all sorts of things in there, but as you kind of decide yourself what is going to be in there it was always tasty. And they have this really good system, that every time you get a box you can rate the snacks afterwards. What means if you really don’t like something, you can ‘bin’ it. What means you’ll never get it again. And if you really like something, you give it your best like and that snack will appear more often. Great idea!
Graze started 8 years ago by 7 friends. They came up with this idea, eventually quit their jobs and started to make Graze boxes full-time. Amazing! One of the really nice things about Graze is that it’s all well organised. There is no hassle and you always get a lot of information, and things such as skewers, send with your snacks. They really thought about everything. And if it can’t get any better, all the materials they use you can recycle. Also you can get creative and make all nice things out of them. I’ve seen people make a little herb garden and I used the little containers to put paint in whenever me, and the kids I looked after at that time, decided to make some Picasso’s.
Not all snacks are vegan, but when you order a box, you can make sure that there are only vegan snacks coming to you. You can really all decide it yourself. If you don’t like coconut (which I can’t imagine), you can make sure nothing including coconut is sent to you. Like I said, it’s well organised. Each box contains 4 different kinds of snacks. And very handy is that the boxes fit in your mail box and so no 13445873_1170204136357021_254795103_ohassle there as well. You only have to be excited on the day the boxes arrive. And gosh I was.. together with the kids I was looking after, I always opened the box as soon as they arrived. It’s great to do it with kids btw, as snacks are a big part of their life, haha! Even better, in case you have kids yourself, there are special Graze kids boxes you definitely have to take a look at.

There are over a 100 snacks to choose from and a lot of that is vegan. If you sign up you get your first and your 5th box for free! Isn’t that a very welcoming gesture?! Very clever of them as well to give away free snacks. So for your 2 free boxes, you can go to the website and get started! The second step is to choose between the ‘variety box’, the ‘light box’ and the ‘protein box’. Then you fill in your details and when you’d like to receive your boxes. You can take a look at all the different snacks available and when you understand and finished the whole process, you can get excited for your first box to arrive. You can of course let them send it to your house, but it’s also a nice idea to let them send the boxes to your work, so you can share the snacks with your colleagues. Whatever you please.
Nowadays you can also get a few variants in the supermarket. Which I was pleasantly surprised by. It’s not a whole box, but the snacks are sold separately. They are a bit pricy, £1,25 per snack. Though it’s nice for a change. They are very tasty! Especially the ‘Smokehouse BBQ crunch’ was a real treat.

Do you know the Graze boxes? Have you tried them or are you very excited to get your first free box? Please let me know, show me your snacks or box creations by using #PlanetManel on Instagram. Thank you! X


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