Fridgecurious #2

13441574_1169590353085066_1288872978_oIn the first Fridgecurious my sister was showing the inside of her fridge. This time it’s going to be myself. I’m quite excited, because people are always wondering what I eat. Because some people still think vegans only survive on carrots and spinach. So this will be a good opportunity to show you guys.
My fridge is, not very surprising for other vegans, full of fruits and veggies. This is all for breakfast and dinner, because in the weekdays I eat lunch at work and in the weekends I mostly eat lunch (and sometimes dinner) out to test hotspots.
You can also see 2 Lush products. This is obviously not for eating, but these are facial masks. They are so fresh, that they have to be kept in the fridge. The ones in my fridge are my favourite. It’s the ‘Catastrophe Cosmetic’ and the ‘Rosey Cheeks’. I got them both for free. You can get free facial masks too if you hand in 5 empty and clean pots. I love this about Lush!

13441829_1169590309751737_1857653769_oIn the morning I always start with a big glass of water with the juice of half a lemon and half a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar (you can see this in the door). Then about an hour later I eat breakfast. My breakfast always consist of a smoothie, mostly a green one, and fruit. A mango, some berries or some apples. For my smoothie I like to use orange or apple juice, spinach or kale, banana, ginger, linseed and spirulina. I’m aware that the juices and the spinach/kale all come in plastic packaging, which I don’t really agree on. That’s why I ordered a juicer, so all my juice can come from the fruit I buy. As a matter of fact it can come any minute. I’m very excited!

When I get home from work I make myself a nice dish with lots of veggies. A risotto with more mushrooms and peas than rice, some grilled veggies, beans or chickpeas with lots of avocado and tomatoes and when I have a bit more time I make myself a nice green curry. That is my favourite! But overall it’s always something what is fast and easy to 13410664_1169590329751735_174141009_omake. I always try to eat in season. Not only because it’s cheaper, but also because I believe those foods have more nutrition and that’s why they taste a lot better! It’s easy for me to eat in season, because on Sundays I go to the farmers market which is only a 10 minutes walk from my house. There I buy as much fruit and veggies possible, because I also like to eat organic as much as possible and they don’t use plastic packaging. I always bring my own bag so I also don’t need their plastic bags to bring it home. It might sound silly, but it gets me very excited to walk home with a big bag of lovely fruit and veggies. It’s one of my moments of happiness during the week. So half the week my fruit en veggies come from the farmers market, but as it’s only once a week and I can’t buy for a whole week (it’ll go off and I don’t have so much space) I also have to go to the supermarket to get some necessities like spinach and kale. I do buy the organic though.

You can also see soy milk in my fridge. I use this to make my green tea. Normally I also have some hemp and almond milk, which I use for porridge and milkshakes, but that was finished when I took the picture. 13410671_1169615933082508_757200562_oThe butter you can see in the door I use for the odd occasion I eat bread, but I also do use it for baking now and then. I hardly use it, but once you bought it, it’s there. Haha!
Unfortunately I don’t have a very big freezer. I would love to freeze some more fruit for example, but that is just not possible here. What I always have frozen, just in case, are bananas, blueberries ans peas. At the moment there is also some breadfruit and raspberries in there. The fruit in my fridge is not all my fruit, because I keep my bananas, melons, oranges, lemons and other fruit out of the fridge. There is a mango in there and an avocado, but these are in the fridge just because I try to keep them a bit longer.

I hope this inspired you and if it did, please let me know in the comments! If you also like to show your fridge, please send me a message via contacts! Thank you! X


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