222 Veggie Vegan

13442091_1168470273197074_1977111612_oFor many people ‘buffet’ is an exciting word. Eat what you want and eat as much as you can for one price is just nice. Even though in the end you always eat too much and you wish you didin’t. But it’s not keeping us from doing it again. Funny how the human brain works. Haha! In a buffet there is mostly always something vegan to find, but what if I tell you there is a buffet in London, which is only vegan? Yes! I also got quite excited when I found out. It’s in South Kensington and it’s called 222 Veggie Vegan. They are there already since 2004 and use fresh, non-GM and organic (where possible) ingredients. Sounds amazing, doens’t it? So I went to see and taste it for myself.

13453005_1168470299863738_117760815_oIt’s only an easy 5 min walk from the South Kensington tube station. The outisde has a lovely blue colour and looks very appealing. It’s not a very big restaurant, though they created quite a lot of seats. I like the interior. It’s light and I have the idea that it’s just been refurbished. When coming inside the friendly staff was welcoming me and letting me choose a seat. I could actually directly start after a short explaination.
You can eat from the buffet as much as you want for £9,50. Drinks and desserts are extra. Also they have a soup, this time asparagus soup with bread on the side, what you can get seperately as well for £5,50. I wasn’t crazy hungry (you’d think I wouldn’t go to an all you can eat buffet), so I filled only one plate. I made sure to taste everything, so it was a lovely colourful combination on my plate. They have all sorts of things: lentils, rice, beans, banana(very surprising and yummy), salads, pasta.. 12 differerent dishes in total! I think everybody can find something they like. What I really liked to read on their website is that the chef Ben Asamani is a committed vegan since he was a teenager and that he is running his own kitchen at various London restaurants for over 15 years. He just sounds very compassionate and devoted and that make the food even more delcious and special.

13446163_1168470283197073_935180156_oI just had a glass of water with my food, but you can also order delicious (freshly made) juices and smoothies. And I’m sure that if I had some space left in my tummy I would of ordered a tofu cheesecake (yes!). So I’ll leave that for the next time, as I’m sure I’ll come back here and take family and friends.

For the buffet you can go to 222Veggie Vegan from 12:00-15:30 and from 17:30-22:30 there is Dinner a la carte.

Do you know this restaurant already? Or are you going after reading this? Please let me know or show me by using #PlanetManel on Instagram. Thank you! X


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