The Not So Healthy Treats

13396549_1164889246888510_1944781319_oYes yes yes.. Sometimes it’s nice to eat something not so good. To treat your mouth I would say, because I don’t think the rest of your body experiences it as a treat. Haha! A lot of people still think that when you’re vegan you live on carrots and spinach. But vegan food can also be bad for you. There is a lot of bad vegan fast food available. But as long as you don’t make these your regular snacks I think it’s fine to once in a while have a naughty treat. Personally I have weeks and weeks where I dont eat anything bad and then I have a week where I eat a whole pack of oreo’s. I call it ‘balance’.. hehe..

13388834_1164889160221852_145501664_oI made a list of my favurite bad treats. Some are made vegan on purpose and some just happen to be vegan. Either way, it’s delicious and that without animal cuelty. It makes you think why on earth would we harm animals if it’s so easy to eat crualty free.

You can buy most of these treats in a regular (bigger) supermarkets, but for some you have to go to a health shop/whole foods shop, which is ironic. To make it easy to find, I’ll tell you where you can buy them. When I did a post about healthy treats, I also told you the price. But as the prices may vary, I chose not to do that this time. Non of these treats are crazy expensive and they’re quite easy to get. And last but not least.. They’re really worth trying! Yum!

Fabulous Factorychocovered raisins – Bigger supermarkets
Candy Kingred metre*, blue raspberry bonbon*, sugar coated cherries* – Bigger supermarkets, Cinema
Swedish Glacerefreshing strawberry – Bigger supermarkets
Pringlesoriginal – Supermarket
Ma Bakergiant bar – Health shops and some Off License shops
Oreooriginal – Supermarket
Vegochocolate with whole hazelnuts – Health shop

*be aware that not all sweets from Candy King is vegan.

Do you like a naughty treat? What is your favourite? And did you know all these treats were vegan? Please let me know or show me by using #PlanetManel on Instagram. Thank you! X


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