The Good Life Eatery

13271529_1155880734456028_1617033047_oOne day when me and my friend were looking for a nice place where you can eat a good smoothie bowl, we found this place. We didn’t go in the end, but I always was curious about it. So I decided to go to try this acai bowl for breakfast. The location isn’t very obvious, but I do like it. It’s a 10 minutes walk from Harrods and in a quiet street.
The outside is black and white and inside they created a slightly industrial look. I especially like the walls which are not just white, but have a bit of an old look. On the walls are a few simple, but eye catching photographs what really adds to the atmosphere.
13288029_1155880774456024_295468249_oRight when you come in is the counter where you can order, before you find a seat. There is no wifi and they did that on purpose. By not offering wifi they try to make a statement and encourage people to talk to each other or to read a book for example. I really like this as these days people only stare at their phones.

I must say that after reading on their website that they were for everybody, including vegans, I expected a few more choices for breakfast and that the staff was slightly more informed, but I ordered a green tea, my acai bowl without the bee pollen and took a seat.
13282822_1155881667789268_1456342678_oThe bowl came with fresh strawberries and banana on top + delicious gluten free granola in the bottom and it was delicious. It would of been nice if instead of the bee pollen they decorated the bowl with maybe some granola or something, to make it look more interesting. I did like the refreshing taste with the crispy granola and had a good breakfast. It would also do really well as a snack in the afternoon as the bowl isn’t crazy big.

13271398_1155880704456031_233933139_oI really like their website and would recommend you to take a look at it. They’re making their vision very clear in a very happy way. You can learn that they always try, wherever possible, to make sustainable choices by buying fresh, mostly organic and local products.
They have some more vegan lunch options and so I’ll come back one day to try that. Because quinoa and baked sweet potato falafel just sounds delicious! Overall it was a nice experience and the staff was very friendly and curious about some vegan choices.

Did you already know The Good Life Eatery? Or are you going to try out some of their freshly made dishes? Please let me know or show me by using #PlanetManel on Instagram. Thank you! X


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