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13288000_1155879501122818_1081008536_oMaybe you know the cookbooks ‘Deliciously Ella’. Written by the blogger Ella Mills. A lovely girl who, when diagnosed with a rare illness, got her life back by changing her diet. She and her husband Matthew now opened a deli not long ago. ‘Mae Deli’ is 5 minutes walk from Marble Arch, an amazing location. You could go for breakfast before a big day of shopping in Oxford Street, have a lunch/dinner after all the shopping or just have a nice break, getting a take away and sit in Hyde Park to enjoy the sunshine.

Now I have to be honest. The first time going to ‘Mae Deli’ wasn’t my best experience. It was crazy busy, my friend and me waited for ages and because everybody was waiting for a place to sit, we eventually got take away. Now that isn’t really a problem, I was happy for them it was busy. It was just that after we waited for very long already we almost got send back to wait in the queue again and the take away was more like half a meal, but for the full price. Also the atmosphere was a bit stressed and hectic. We were a bit disappointed. But because they just started, I decided to give them a second chance. And I was determined to actually find a seat this time. I waited a few months and a little while ago I went again.

13285688_1157056011005167_1835729574_nIt was less busy and me and my friend could order straight away. We decided to share a plate and we chose 5 things. And while we were ordering, a staff member offered us 2 seats at the window. That was easy. The food was simple, but good with my personal favourite: the sweet potato. That one is an absolute winner. We had a glass of water with it and found out we were lucky as we saw the queue growing.
I was happy to find out that when you eat in you get a lot more food. Gives me the feeling that it was worth my money. They also have a lot of treats available, from cacao energy balls to brownies and cakes. They look delicious!
Though we chose to have water, they do have some fantastic smoothies, juices and hot drinks available. I might try one of those next time.

The interior is super nice. A lot of natural materials what creates a peaceful, but still slightly modern atmosphere. You can see that they put a lot of thought in it. We definitely had the most perfect seats, near the window (from no seats, to the best seats, hooray!). You can also sit down stairs, but there is no daylight. It’s cozy though!

13282516_1155878227789612_483746570_oOverall this experience was a lot better and was actually very enjoyable. Make sure to check out Ella’s blog ‘Deliciously Ella’ for some positive vibes and/or to order her books. It’s also full of very nice and simple recipes. Also have a look at the Mae Deli website for some extra information. As they also have a catering service and are organising some really fun events.


NEW LOCATION OF MAE DELI: 18 Weighhouse St, London W1K 5LU.

Do you know ‘Mae Deli’ or ‘Deliciously Ella’? Are you going to visit the deli for a lovely breakfast or lunch? Please let me know or show me by using #PlanetManel on Instagram. Thansk you! X


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