13120717_1142757612435007_1325483305_oWhat did I hear a lot about the restaurant Mildred’s. A must go if I have to believe everybody. So there I went, to SOHO.. On a lovely free Sunday afternoon to have a late lunch. It’s so easy for me to get there, as the bus in front of my house basically drops me at the end of the street where Mildred’s is. I was so excited! It was very easy to find, but.. it was closed! There I stood, in front of a locked door. Noo! (note to self: always check opening times before you go somewhere) And I didn’t bring my coat, as I thought it will only be a very short walk and I hate walking around with my coat when it gets too warm to wear it. But 13128812_1142757659101669_1304604466_oit wasn’t too warm.. the wind was quite cold and also I was very hungry. It was such a shame, but I decided to walk up to OxfordStreet and have lunch at Vantra instead. Their food will comfort me.. hehe.. Had a lovely lunch over there, sitting next to 3 ladies who started talking about Mildred’s (such a coincidence!) and one said to the others that she thought Mildred’s was so overrated! Oh! Hmmm..

The next weekend I went again. On a Saturday this time! I already looked at the menu via their website and decided I would go for the classic burger. So I picked a nice seat in front of the window and ordered my burger with some sweet potatoes fries(my weakness) on the side. It’s quite a bright restaurant and there is a very comforting atmosphere I like. I really liked the seat I picked as I always like to watch people, it inspires me.
13128962_1142757705768331_1855021414_oI didn’t have to wait long, before a lovely looking burger and one of the most gorgeous looking portion of sweet potato fries was in front of me. The sweet potatoes were served with a fresh basil mayonnaise and the combination was so surprising and yummy. I really enjoyed them. The burger was so delicious too! Normally I like a bit of a firm burger and this one was quite soft, but the smoky taste and texture were truly amazing. Also the focaccia bun was perfect, soft, chewy and a little crispy. I was full halfway eating it, but I couldn’t bare the thought that this bit of deliciousness was going to end up in the bin. I’ll have a light dinner I convinced myself and kept eating. Obviously there wasn’t any space left for dessert, but I already know that the next time I definitely have to try the brownie.

13090709_1142757592435009_140465651_oI love the exterior of Mildred’s, especially the colour. It’s one of my favourites! I really liked the beautiful coloured fresh flowers on my table and the little tea lights everywhere. The interior is quite basic and simple, but I like the light and the cozy window seats. They operate a no bookings policy in the restaurant. If it’s full you can choose to wait and in the meantime have a drink at the bar where they also serve cocktails, for if you’re into that. If you have something to celebrate, a birthday party or another special occasion, they have a private dining room(10-14 people) you can make a reservation for.

13120919_1142757792434989_439423021_oMildred’s has 2 more locations. I went to the one in SOHO, but there is also one in Camden and very recently they opened a restaurant in King’s Cross too. Maybe the next time I’ll go there and see what they’re like.
I think the lady in Vantra was very wrong or we have huge difference in taste, because I really enjoyed Mildred’s and I’ll definitely come back to try other dishes!

Have you been to Mildred’s before? Or are you going after reading this? Please let me know or show me a picture of your lovely meal using #PlanetManel on Instagram. Thank you! X


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