Pizza East

13009958_1135535766490525_187710197_oDid you eat world’s best pizza before? Unless you went to Pizza East and ate one over there, I can tel you.. you didn’t! You don’t have to go to Rome or Naples. You only have to go to Portobello Road, a lovely location, just on the junction with Chesterton Road. You can’t miss the building as it’s right on the corner between 2 roads. It’s always quite busy, so especially on popular evenings and afternoons, make sure you make a reservation.

When I just started my new job, one evening I went to see if there are some nice restaurants around. I walked around a bit and the first one I bumped into was Pizza East. So I went inside and asked if there was a table for me. I was lucky and not long after I ordered my pizza. Now the pizza I always order is: onions, mushrooms, olives, broccoli, aubergine and no cheese. It’s obviously not on the menu, but make sure you mention you’re vegan (if you are) and they’ll understand.

13054443_1135535753157193_834688602_oSo that first time I wasn’t expecting anything yet and I was very pleased to see my pizza looked delicious. And then it happened.. I took a bite. OMG! I was just about to hold myself from jumping up to tell everybody how delicious my pizza was. This was amazing, really! I love pizza, it’s one of my favourite foods (I know.. so childish, haha!) and I was convinced that I never had such a good pizza before in my life. The taste of the crust is so perfect. you can really taste it was made in a good and proper pizza oven. Also it’s super thin, but still crispy enough in the middle. The sauce is simple, but full of taste and the vegetables still have a bite. I understand if you have to finish reading this post later because you’re running to Pizza East now. No worries, the post will still be here when you come back!

13023605_1135535699823865_126299270_nNow everybody who visits me I like to take to Pizza East, because I want everybody to experience this. When I’m with somebody else I like to order some delicious olives and almonds as a starter (I really recommend those). I always drink water, just because I want to make sure I can finish the pizza, because no way I’m having leftovers.
I never order dessert at Pizza East, for a few reasons: I’m full, I find it such a shame to eat something else after the delicious taste of my pizza and because they don’t have a lot of vegan options. Actually they don’t have any, but if you really feel like having dessert, they can make you a fruit platter with some mango sorbet. You have to ask for this though. I find the staff very friendly and helpful, what also makes it nice to go there. A funny fact is that almost all staff walks around on black Converse. I always wonder if that is on purpose or if that is a huge coincidence.

13016550_1135535739823861_2000364427_oSomething else I really appreciate at Pizza East is the interior. I love it. It’s all natural materials and basic colours combined with blue. You can also sit up stairs. I like sitting there best, especially on a hot day as you can sit next to an open window. And if you’re up stairs, make sure to check the ceiling. I really like it. Really adds something to the whole atmosphere. The only downside I would say is that it can be quite noisy. That’s why it’s nice to go on a more quiet evening.
Down stairs you can see how the pizza’s are made in the beautiful pizza oven. Very fun to watch. They also have a little bar in the back, where you can have a nice drink or/and you can wait until there is a table available.

And in the end I want to give you a little tip. Make sure they don’t charge your pizza as a Margarita + toppings. Sometimes that happens, but your pizza will be crazy expensive. They should charge you £4 for the base and then add the toppings. Your pizza will be around £11(if you order the same toppings as me), which is a fair price I think. One day I just hope vegan pizza’s like this will be on the menu, but until then let’s order them like this. Maybe 1 day somebody will notice vegan pizza’s are very hot!

Did you go to Pizza East before or are you going after reading this? Please let me know what you ordered or show me by using #PlanetManel on Instagram. Thank you! x


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