13129039_1142746512436117_283419995_oOk, the day is finally here! I’m SO excited!! I waited a bit longer as I would normally do, because it was the first Giveaway I did and I wanted it to reach as many people as possible. I would of loved to reach more people then it eventually did, but I’m happy with the 9 people who entered!

To make it as fair as possible(as a lot of people I personally know entered as well) I picked a winner in the most fair way. I made a video of it, you can watch on my Instagram!

The winner of the ‘Personal Favourites Giveaway’ isssss..


I’ll send you a message and make sure the goodies are on their way asap! X

I learned that I need a lot more readers and followers before organising a giveaway. Because it’s much more fun(more work though, haha!) if there are a lot of people who enter! A big thank you for everybody who did! I hope you’ll try again the next time. I already got a new idea in my head..




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