Orange Orange Orange

13090606_1139272872783481_1929926087_oAs you (all?) know, I’m Dutch. And in Holland we celebrate ‘King’s Day’! For years and years (and years) that was ‘Queen’s Day’, but since the 30th of April 2013 we have a King. King Willem Alexander! ‘Queen’s Day’ used to be on the 30th of April, but Willem Alexander changed that to the 27th of April, because that is his birthday. That day, everything in Holland is orange. It’s a big celebration. There are a lot of activities planned(games, festivals) and it almost looks like Holland changed in one big market. Really lovely! Children and adults selling their old stuff on the streets of the cities(or villages). It’s a nice atmosphere and everybody is excited.

When it was still ‘Queen’s Day’ the whole royal family visited a few cities or villages that day. That city or village prepared a whole route for them and there were (dance, theatre etc.)performances and little games. It was nice because it was so interactive. The queen herself and all the other royal family members were playing games or were asked to do things and they always did. Very unique for a royal family to interact with the people like this. But unfortunately since Willem Alexander is king it’s not like this anymore. He changed some things. Now all the schools are doing ‘Koningspelen’. What means that on the last day before the May-holiday all the primary schools are playing games. This is to promote exercise and health. Which I think is a good initiative, but I do think it’s a shame that the tradition of them visiting places in Holland is gone.

Anyway, I thought for ‘King’s Day’ it’ll be nice to do something orange. So I went to Lush and looked for orange. Because after a long day of looking for cool vintage stuff on the markets and dancing on festivals, I think it’s time for a nice hot bath and relax! And why not take a bath in King’s style?!

13090624_1139197852790983_496354265_o  ORANGE BLOSSOM – luxury bath oil – £2

13090799_1139197836124318_835377227_o  THE ROUGH WITH THE SMOOTH – scrub – £5,95

13062729_1139197889457646_770505164_o  YOGA BOMB – bath bomb – £3,95

13090859_1139197866124315_385392291_o  HAPPY THOUGHTS – luxury bath oil – £2

13062606_1139197842790984_1801946372_o  ORANGE FUN – bath play dough – £5

Enough to choose from! My personal favourite out of these products is definitely the Yoga Bomb. It has a subtle, but lovely smell and makes beautiful colours in the bath. The luxury bath oils make your skin super soft, just as the amazing scrub. I think the last one is very nice for kids. Play and wash.. so much fun!

So quickly rush to a Lush store to get some orangeeeeee.. or choose for a next day delivery via the website!

Are you going to celebrate ‘King’s Day’? What are you doing to celebrate? Are you going to try these products or do you have an orange favourite? Please let me know or show me by using #PlanetManel on Instagram. Thank you! X


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