Wild Food Cafe

12899609_1119881021389333_1605342890_oI have always wanted to go to the WildFoodCafe! The only thing is that it’s not really on the route of places I normally go to, so I never went. Until now.. and I liked it! Even just standing outside the cafe is nice as Neal’sYard is such a fun and colourful place. It was a very rainy day, but when I arrived the sun started to shine and the colours looked even brighter. Beautiful! The cafe itself is on the first floor, which you van reach by stairs. It was quite busy, but it’s always handy to be all by yourself as they can always find some space to squeeze you in. They gave me a seat on the other side of the table from a very cool looking girl, who was working on her laptop.

12896398_1119881064722662_1836934941_oI really like the menu. It’s not huge, but that is actually very helpful to make a choice. I was doubting to get the burger, (it’s just when I see ‘burger’ on a menu I think I should get it, I love it) but as I had the burger at ‘Down To Earth‘ as well, I felt like I should get something different here. So I went for the ‘Karma Kameleon Curry’. Which was a good choice, very filling and super healthy, but I do like to try the burger next time. It was such a colourful dish, it made me happy only looking at it. The girl across the table from me ordered a smoothie which looked define! She offered for me to taste it, so I dipped my spoon in and wohw.. this was so good! It’s the ‘Forgotton Ecstasy’ smoothie and I would highly recommend it!

I couldn’t resist to order a dessert as when I had a little peek earlier I was quite sure the desserts were going to be amazing. And I was so right. I went, after doubting for ages, for the ‘Young Coconut Banoffee Pie’ and I would like to say that this was one of the best desserts I’ve ever had. The girl, we really started chatting a bit in the meantime, really liked it too after having a little taste and we were so pleased to know you can make something so delicious out of cruelty free products. Just before I left she ordered an asparagus soup and this was so good too! So creamy and full of taste. It was so sweet of her to offer me to taste everything she ordered. She was such nice company, thank you Jo!

The ‘Wild Food Cafe’ isn’t only a cafe, they also offer raw cooking masterclasses, which look like a lot of fun. And they have a little shop too. There are not a lot of products, but all the products are carefully selected, what I think is already worth a look. They tried and tested everything themselves and it’s either produced to ecological standards, organic or wildcrafted.

Did you go to the ‘Wild Food Cafe’ before or are you going after reading this? Please let me know or show me on Instagram using #PlanetManel so I can see it. Thank you!


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