Fly Again

wings2This is quite a personal post, as I wrote this poem after I went through a very difficult time. It was very hard being in the middle of it and to eventually find myself again, but I got back stronger than ever. It taught me that you have to be thankful for everything what happens in your life. Positive or negative.
Sometimes there are situations that will build you up just by itself, but sometimes things happen to teach you a lesson and you have to start building yourself. This isn’t bad, this is to reinvent yourself and become the person you know you are. This will give you so much strength for the rest of your life.

One day this poem came to me, just like that, the only thing I had to do is write it down. I did, and things fell into place.

Fly Again

My wings were once broken and teared apart,
burnt with words which reached into my heart.
Not being sure if anything of me was still there,
I slipped away and sunk so deep, so hard to bare.
Could I ever spread them out again without a fall?
It was black so dark and all I felt was one big wall.

But I grope and searched and I found a way,
up high I climbed and the black turned grey.
I fell, I struggled, but I fought for every feeling,
every step was tough, but brought me healing.
Because I faced the feelings that I feared,
it made me climb higher until they all appeared.

I gave them space, smiled and collected them all,
only for love I kept bumping into that same wall.
I worried, felt anxious, desperate and scared,
trying to find it, but in the distance I stared.
No light, no sparks, no grey, only dark, just black,
I didn’t believe I was ever going to find it back.

But one day it just turned up, flying around my ladder,
too far to reach, but close enough to feel it flutter.
I can keep climbing, but soon I’ll reach the top,
realising that for love I have to jump and risk to drop.
I’m longing on the edge, knowing what I want to get,
just not sure if I can trust those delicate wings just yet.

But I want to jump, I want to touch it, for that I long,
because I can’t truly live with fear of what can go wrong.
I want to sing, and dance in the rain without a coat,
so I’ll jump to freedom, but first I’ll gently float.
At least now I feel calm and I’m sure that one day I can,
spread them wide to fully fly with my new wings again.

wings3Did you like my poem? Did you maybe go through a similar struggle? Or do you have any questions.. please leave a comment or if you want, you can always send me a personal message! Thank you! X


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