12837363_1108479329196169_2004671247_oOne of my favourite places in London is NottingHill.. and then especially Portobello Road. Lucky me I only live a 20 min walk away. And even though I’m there several times a week, I never knew there was this amazing place on Talbot Road until my employer mentioned it to me. She told me that when she was there she asked for scrambled eggs, which I still think is hilarious, knowing it’s a raw vegan restaurant(she didn’t know). Anyway, she told me about it and I’m still very grateful she did.
It’s very easy to find, as long as you know where it is. I know that sounds silly, but just because it’s a few minutes walk off PortobelloRoad, it’s not something you just accidentally pass.
It’s not very big, but they did a very good job making look bigger as it’s so bright, with a lot of daylight. You can sit upstairs or downstairs. Downstairs you sit next to the kitchen and you can see all the delicious food passing by. When I was there before I asked the chef a few times what was what as everything looked so amazing. Their menu isn’t huge, but there is definitely enough choice. I went for the Seaweed salad, with kohlrabi, cucumber and a tahini dressing. 12016255_1108479352529500_1704505703_oThe salads are very filling, but I wanted to try their kale crisps, so I ordered that as a side. And wohw.. I dare to say that they have the best kale crisps everrrr! It’s quite a big portion, so it will be ok for sharing. Especially when you order a salad and a drink(I was ok with just a water this time, because I would be too full otherwise) you definitely need somebody to share it with.

Nama is not only a restaurant. It’s so much more! They offer amazing raw cooking classes. ‘Aspiring Raw Chef’ and ‘Raw around the world’. You can sign up via their website. I think I might put this on my own to-do list as it looks really good.
They also offer ‘Food For a Day’ you can order in 1,3 or 5 day packages. They include all the food and nutrition you need in a day and I must say it’s quite a big package. What maybe explains why it’s a bit pricy. On the other hand it is organic and all very good for you. You can order it via their website.
IMG_7659And if this isn’t enough they do.. wait for it..  raw vegan cakes! You can order cakes for example your birthday or any special occasion. They look absolutely amazing and they are wheat, dairy, gluten, soy, grain and processed sugar free. You can have them delivered or you can pick them up yourself, you just have to make sure you order them on time(at least 3 days before the pick up date). And yes, they are not very cheap, but they look very very good, plus there are not a lot of companies who offer the same. Have a look on their website for more information.

Nama is definitely a very cool place to check out for yourself. To brunch(blueberry pancakes anyone?) or lunch.. there is enough to choose from. And from Thursday-Saturday you can visit them to have dinner too. Yeah!

Did you go to Nama or did you try one of their services? Please let me know or share a pictures on Instagram using #PlanetManel ! Thank you!


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