Down To Earth

IMG_7366‘Down To Earth’, I already love this name. Plus the restaurant happens to be next to my favourite park: ‘Holland park’. And no, it’s not my favourite just because it’s called ‘Holland Park’, but it’s just a beautiful park with a big field, a Japanese garden, tall trees, peacocks and lots of other animals.
Ok, back to the restaurant, haha.. As you can expect in a neighbourhood like Kensington, it’s quite a posh place. The modern baroque interior is black, white and green. IMG_7377There is relaxing music in the background, which is loud enough to hear it, but in a way you can still have a normal conversation. Also I couldn’t help notice the absolutely stunning art on the walls. What I also really like about this restaurant are the window seats. Unfortunately they were all taken this time, but I think these are the best seats. IMG_7379Apart from the window seats and normal tables, there are also sofa’s in the middle where you can just enjoy a drink or something small. It gives a nice playful effect. All together it creates a very nice atmosphere. I also really like the details: a simple green plant on each table and they serve palm sugar.

‘Down To Earth’ is apart from 1 breakfast dish (you wonder why?), a completely vegan friendly restaurant as all dishes are vegan or have a vegan option available. And if that isn’t enough, everything is organic and there are a lot of raw dishes too! Heaven! This is really why I love this restaurant, it’s almost too good to be true.
IMG_7382It was so hard to choose something, but eventually I went for the gluten free beetroot burger with carrots and parsnips. Oh and it was a good choice. It did not only look amazing, I really liked the taste. The carrots and parsnips had a lovely bite, but the home made gluten free bun was definitely an unexpected surprise. So good! After tasting this I would love to taste their whole menu. I’ll be back!

If you decide to bring this amazing restaurant a visit, I would love to hear it! And don’t forget to have a little wander around Holland Park..


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